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English at Dines Green

English is at the heart of our curriculum. We want our children to become enthusiastic, confident and skilled speakers, readers and writers. Quality texts are used to plan engaging sequences of learning which support the progress and attainment of all learners.

To be able to write effectively, we feel children need to explore spoken language and vocabulary. A key strategy we use to support writing is Talk4Writing where children become familiar with texts through learning and sharing texts orally. Whole school curriculum themes spark children’s curiosity and allow for speaking, reading and writing skills to be applied in many different ways. High standards of presentation encourage children to take pride in their work.

Reading is a priority for us. We want our children to get the habit of reading and develop a love of books.

At Dines Green we follow the scheme to teach phonics and early reading.

Children are introduced to sounds and words at a dynamic pace which are then applied in independent reading in the linked books.

As reading develops, children choose home readers from a wider mixed selection of books in banded levels. Children are encouraged to read their ‘five a day’.

Through the school we use a structured approach to developing reading comprehension using a wide range of quality texts which broaden the children’s reading experiences.