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Useful Information for Parents & Carers

Swimming - 

Your child will swim in years 3, 4, 5 & 6 on a Friday morning at a local swimming pool as part of our PE programme.

Swimwear, towel and goggles (if required) must be provided in a suitable bag and all clearly labelled.


Road Safety - 

There should be no parking outside school on the zig-zag lines or on the road opposite the school entrance as congestion in the area can be dangerous.

The school car park should not be used at any time by parents or carers.


Illness, Accidents & Medicines - 

Fully trained First Aiders will deal with accidents and emergencies. In the case of serious incidents or illness parents will be contacted immediately.

Only medicines / creams prescribed by a doctor can be administered in school. Parents should make an appointment with our healthcare lead in order to discuss the child's requirements and fill in the appropriate paperwork.

Please do not send medicines in with your child under any circumstances. this includes non-prescription medicines such as paracetamol, creams or cough sweets.


Head Lice - 

If live lice are seen in your child's hair we will inform you immediately and you will need to collect your child as soon as possible from school in order to treat the lice.

A letter will be sent home to the whole class if head lice are spotted or reported.


Dogs - 

We do not allow dogs, (other than guide dogs), on school grounds at any time.


Smoking - 

The school operates a no-smoking policy. Please do not smoke anywhere on school grounds.


Emergency Contact Details - 

Please ensure that we have up-to-date details in case of an emergency. Please contact the office immediately to let us know of any changes.


Fire practices - 

We have regular, recorded fire practices so that staff and children know what to do in an emergency.


Lost Property - 

Please ensure all belongings are named. Should an un-named piece of clothing be found we have a lost property area in the office. Any unclaimed items will be sent to charity at the end of each term. Please be aware that the responsibility for property rests with the owner of the item and not the school.


Bikes & Scooters - 

We like to encourage the use of bikes and scooters as a means of transport to school due to the health benefits. All riders must wear a helmet and dismount once on school grounds. Bikes and scooters should be secured in the shed until the end of school.


Toys - 

There may be occasions when the children are allowed to bring a toy or game into school from home. We cannot be responsible for the safety of these items and would ask that children do not bring anything in of monetary or sentimental value.


Mobile Phones - 

Year 6 are permitted to bring a mobile phone into school with parental / carer consent. It must be handed in to the office at the start of the day and collected at the end. The school cannot be responsible for its safety.


Parental Photography

We understand that photos taken in school at different events can be very important to our parents and can form part of albums at home. We do not want to have to stop this practice. You are, of course, more than welcome to take photos of your own children and how you chose to share these photos is entirely up to you. However, you must not include any other children in these photos as not all children have permission to be photographed and it really is the parents right to chose whether their child's picture should be published online. We thank you for your understanding.


Parental Concerns - 

If a parents or carer has any concerns then an appointment should be made with the class teacher in the first instance. Teachers will not be available to meet with parents before school due to classroom and playground duties, but the office will be able to make a mutually agreeable time to either come in the see the teacher or speak on the telephone. 

If the teacher was unable to resolve the concern, only then should an appointment be made to see the head teacher or deputy head teacher. The office will be able to do this.

Parents are, of course, welcome to contact the chair of governors or the Director of Children's Services if you wish. 


Parent Helpers - 

We are always welcome of any parent or carer who is able to give up their time to help in many different ways. Parents are able to help out in the classrooms with reading & activities, at planned events and on some trips. Parents would not be asked to work in their own child's classroom to avoid any disruption this may cause.

If you would like to volunteer to help out in any way on a regular basis then please pop in to the school office. 

All volunteers will need a valid DBS check to work within the school.  


Code of Behaviour - 

We welcome visitors to the school and will act to ensure it remains a safe place for our pupils, staff and wider community. If you have concerns we will listen and will deal with them effectively according to our policies and protocols. However, please be aware that abusive, threatening or violent behaviour will not be tolerated at any time in this school.


Adverse Weather Procedures - Including heavy rain & snow - 

Where the weather is deemed to be too extreme for the children to be on the playground in the morning the following procedure will be implemented:

All children should enter school grounds from 8.45am through the playground gates and make their way straight to their classrooms where staff will be waiting to supervise them.


School Closures - 

Should we need to close the school in the event of an emergency, such as severe inclement weather which may impact the schools health and safety procedures and / or staffing, then we will do the following:

  • We will contact parents by text in the first instance.
  • There will be a bulletin placed on the website.
  • The closure will be announced on the county council website at

As soon as the decision has been made to close the school the office will be closed so please do not ring us, refer to the website in the first instance.