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Behaviour Management


We try to engender independence and self-discipline in our children by promoting a consistent caring and sharing ethos throughout the school.


Politeness and good manners are expected at all times. Aggressive behaviour, bullying and bad language will not be tolerated.


All staff follow the school’s policy consistently, adopting a positive approach to behaviour management. Children are encouraged to ‘tell the teacher’ if an incident occurs rather than hit back. Such incidents will be fully investigated and resolved fairly. Parents will be kept informed where necessary.


In class we operate the ‘Zone Board’ system of behaviour management. This is like a traffic light system; a visual reminder that good behaviour will be rewarded but unacceptable behaviour has consequences. All children start each day with their name in ‘green’ and good behavior and hard work are rewarded by being promoted to silver or gold with the various rewards that these may bring.  Children have to try to avoid falling into ‘amber’ or ‘red’ which have consequences such as loss of free time.


In Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 parents can usually be seen when they bring or collect their child if something needs to be discussed. In Key Stage 2 we operate a system of ‘In school detentions’, should falling into ‘red’ fail to rectify a child’s attitude. These can be extended to after school if the school deems this necessary and we would hope that parents would support us in this approach.


If three ‘detentions’ are given out to a particular child, parents are invited to discuss his/her behaviour with the Head Teacher. In order to avoid possible exclusion, a Pastoral Support Plan (PSP) may be set up with the support of the Pupil Referral Unit (PRU), parents, school and child in attendance. Regular meetings then take place to monitor the child’s progress against targets until such time as all parties agree that exclusion is no longer an issue.