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Drama plays a very important part in the life of our school with even children from Nursery being given the opportunity for role play and to perform in front of others.


Puppets are used to present learning points in lessons and children can develop their own Puppet Theatres productions.


The children across the school take part in termly class assemblies.  This helps to develop the art of speaking to an audience.  We also hold annual gatherings for key dates in the calendar, for example at Christmas we have three separate performances for Nursery, KS1 and KS2 to celebrate the Xmas season.


The summer term brings the upper KS2 production.  Written by the staff and children it is always a spectacle that we look forward to.  We have just invested in our own lights which further enhance the shows and they are manned by the children.


At any possible opportunity, we invite theatre groups in to school as this is a very successful way of teaching certain subjects.  We also take classes out to visit shows where the children’s enjoyment is a pleasure to behold.  Every year we take the whole school to the Pantomime which is a highlight of the school calendar.


As a school we recognise the power of drama and on any day you could see elements of it taking place across the age range and the curriculum.