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Year 6 is an exciting time for children – they are the oldest in the school and so are looked upon to represent the school values at the highest standards at all times. Our high expectation of year 6 means they are able to be role models for the younger children. Those children, who are parliament members, take on huge responsibilities of collecting the student voice for the school and presenting it to Mrs Stitchman. As well as the responsibilities of running the school parliament, children in year 6 have a range of other responsibilities granted to them in order to allow them to develop skills needs to be independent learners when they move on to secondary school.

Not only are children in year 6 expected to demonstrate responsibilities across the school, they also have huge responsibilities to themselves – Y6 is the most important year: SAT’s are taken in May and so it is a very busy year of learning right from the start. Children need to be organised and prepared in order to perform at their best and to produce work that they are proud of. Homework expectations are increased to make the expectations of high school and the transition smoother, whilst also ensuring they are growing their classroom learning.

Throughout the year we are developing learning to ensure children can feel confident when they sit their SATS. Although this is not the driving force behind their learning experiences, it is a very important point. Children will be sitting a grammar and spelling test, three maths tests and a reading test, which are national requirements given by the government. The children’s writing levels will be supported and acquired from evidence of their writing collated throughout the year.

Overall, year six is a wonderful year where children can be seen to flourish and really aim high to achieve their potential.

As their teacher, I will be happy to discuss any issues or concerns with you – please arrange an appointment through the school office if you wish to discuss anything with me – I would be happy to help.

Miss L Taylor

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