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In history, children learn about people and events in the recent and more distant past in our locality, Britain and in other parts of the world. Exploration of history helps them to develop respect for and tolerance of other people and cultures, and an understanding of some ways in which moral dilemmas can be approached responsibly. We often use real artefacts, trips and visits to stimulate and reinforce our teaching.


In their lessons, for example, our children:


  • look for similarities and differences between life today and in the past;
  • talk and write about what happened and why people acted as they did;
  • find out about the past using different sources of information;
  • make links across different periods of history;
  • use their developing understanding of chronology when talking or writing about the past.




The History Man - January 2018

Our curriculum theme this term is ‘Looking Back’. All classes are delving deep into the past through their history topics and years 1-6 had brilliant sessions with The History Man. He really brought the past to life and the children experienced what it would really be like. 

Further information on the work they do can be found at:

The whole experience was thoroughly enjoyed by all, Charlotte in Year 4 had this to say, ‘We were learning about the Romans and we got to try out lots of costumes and weapons. I thought it was really amazing.’

There are photos below depicting the experience.