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Dream, Discover, Do



Our curriculum is organised into past, present and future:

This structure provides coherence with a focus for each term.  Curriculum order is further developed through our approach in History, where most recent history is explored by younger children with the most ancient History being studied in Y6. This supports an understanding of chronology.  


Progression pathways in each subject identify the skills and knowledge content for each year group. This ensures that children can build upon what they know so it can be retrieved and developed as they move through the school. Our curriculum encourages children to really think about the past, present and future, increase their knowledge, skills and understanding and then to apply them with increasing confidence in a range of contexts, questions and problems. We expect our children to seek connections and identify patterns in what they are learning- to be interested and inspired to find out more.  


Each year group has a theme and enquiry questions which lead the learning each term (for example ‘Journey’ in Y1).  Threaded through the termly curriculum are the Values and Global Perspectives dimensions, where different perspectives are considered and children are encouraged to form opinions. High quality texts are used to enhance and elaborate on themes, enabling the children to engage with knowledge and ideas in different formats and models.  Opportunities to reflect upon key knowledge are built into learning sequences in order to deepen understanding and make it stick in the memory. We need our children to acquire the cultural capital necessary to be successful and to develop their sense of self.  


To broaden the children’s experiences, visits, trips and visitors are planned carefully across the year. The local area is utilised as much as possible and the progression of Outdoor and Adventurous learning takes us further afield to contrasting areas: Beer on the Jurassic Coast for example.  


During each term, there is a whole school themed week linked to the Past, Present or Future focus which includes a global element. These are wonderful opportunities for collaborative work and to share learning around a common theme across the school. Current opportunities include: