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Welcome to Kestrels!

Teacher: Miss Lloyd 

Teaching Assistants: Miss Taylor

                                       Mrs Stoddart


The children in Year 4 are now well established in Key Stage 2 and, as a result, will be expected to show greater responsibility and independence in and around the school.

Along with our high expectations for behaviour this year, we will be ensuring that children are supported and nurtured at all times during their year with us.

Each term we will send home a Topic Web to let you know what we are learning about and what opportunities are being provided for the children.


Summer 1



This half term we will be focusing upon the book "The Sand Horse". The children will have the opportunity to write their own narrative based upon this book whilst also creating their own Mod Roc sculpture linked to their narrative. At the end of the half term, the children will create their own Stop Motion Film using their sculpture and completed narrative. 


Please see our topic web for a more detailed over view of everything we will be covering this half term.

Remembrance Day


To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of World War 1 the children created their own poppies out of fantasy film and wrote their own poems.

Below are a few examples of the amazing poetry that was completed! 


              The Poppy                                                                      The Poppy 


The red poppy is a symbol,                                       The red poppy is a symbol, 

its colour is crimson red.                                           they grow in Flanders Field.

We wear them every year,                                          The poppy is as red as blood,          

for the soldiers who lie dead.                                   for the soldiers with guns they did wield. 


The red poppy is a symbol,                                        The red poppy is a symbol,

for the soldiers in a grave.                                         They are bright, beautiful and bold. 

They thought about the future,                                  We wear them on out warm, woolly jumpers, 

our country they did save.                                          In November when it is cold. 


The red poppy is a symbol,                                        The red poppy is a symbol, 

we wear them to remember.                                      to simply show we care.

All our fallen heroes,                                                    For all our fallen soldiers, 

each and every year.                                                    a poppy we will wear. 



               The Poppy                                                               The Poppy


The red poppy is a symbol,                                        The red poppy is a symbol, 

they are as red as blood.                                            we wear it to remember. 

We wear them in November,                                      All the soldiers that died, 

for the soldiers that are dead.                                   it was a sad November. 


The red poppy is a symbol,                                        The red poppy is a symbol, 

for the many we have lost.                                         to all those who died. 

In every conflict of war,                                               We love to remember them, 

their bravery was at a cost.                                        so we wear our poppy with pride. 


The red poppy is a symbol, 

we wear on Remembrance Day. 

For the wives that waved goodbye to their men, 

they wished that they could stay. 


The red poppy is a symbol, 

we wear it with pride for them. 

Even though 100 years have gone, 

we will remember them. 

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Additional Information


- Reading diaries must come into school everyday. It is very important that the children complete their "5 a day". 

- Please ensure your child brings a water bottle to school to ensure they stay hydrated and motivated to learn. 

- Home learning will be set every Friday and is due back the following Thursday. 

- PE lessons will be on a Tuesday. Please ensure your child has a full PE kit in school. This will be an outdoor lesson. 

- Swimming will be on a Friday throughout the Summer Term.