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Pre-School Ducklings

Friday 22nd May 

Happy Friday everyone 

It’s nearly half term so thought we would be good to refresh your listening skills ready for the 1st June when we hope to see you back in nursery. 
I have put some links below to YouTube below.

Take care and remember to wash your hands.

look forward to seeing you a week on Monday.

Mrs Griffiths 

Careful Counting

Still image for this video

Tuesday 19th May 



Today we are going to do some counting. Have a look at the video showing that we can count anything we like. 
I wonder what you will count. I’d love to see what you find to count around your house!! 
Take care 

Mrs Griffiths 

Can you tell what the book is?

Can you tell what the book is?  1

Tuesday 12th May 


We had a bit of fun in our house yesterday recreating a front cover of a book. Can you tell what the book and story is? 
I would love to see you having a go! 
Make sure you look on our twitter page over the next few days as some of the other teachers and their children are getting involved! 
Take care 

Mrs Griffiths 

Monday hello

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We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

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Monday 11th May


Hello everyone. I have posted a video reading We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. I hope you enjoy it. Maybe you could retell the story while your out on your walk today or use your toys and make up the story. 
You could also have a go at making some props or some musical instruments, shakers and simple guitars using elastic bands to use to retell the story. And don’t forget to get your own teddy bears involved. Maybe you could have a picnic this week with them. 
Have fun and speak soon

Mrs Griffiths 

Myself and my son having a VE afternoon tea

Myself and my son having a VE afternoon tea  1

Friday 8th May


Happy VE Day and Bank Holiday Friday!! 

Hope you have some nice things planned. We will be doing some baking here, making cupcakes and scones. 

I have stumbled upon some lovely ideas to do so I’ll add the photos below. Something to try over the bank holiday weekend. 

Speak soon 

Mrs Griffiths 

Some lovely ideas to try from abc does

Some lovely ideas to try from abc does  1
Some lovely ideas to try from abc does  2
Some lovely ideas to try from abc does  3
Some lovely ideas to try from abc does  4

Time Capsule

Time Capsule   1

We would like the children in preschool to draw or paint a picture of themselves or a picture of the school to place inside a time capsule. 
Please post through the school postbox on your daily walk or take a photograph and email me.

It would be fantastic to get some contributions from Preschool inside the capsule. 

Mrs Griffiths 

Wednesday 6th May 

Happy National Nurses Day 

Why not make a poster for your window to say thank you to the nurses and other key workers. Or maybe write a thank you with chalk on the pavement outside your house. I would love to see any photos - please send them to my email address


Take care and speak soon 

Mrs Griffiths 


A great big thank you

A great big thank you  1

Tuesday 5th May

Hello everyone I hope your Tuesday is going well. The sun is out again so let’s get active!! 
Here’s a really fun warm up that we do with the children in class. Warming up our bodies before exercise, whatever that may be, walking cycling playing catch is very important. Enjoy your day. 
Speak soon 

Mrs Griffiths 

Picture 1

Happy May 1st

We did indeed make it to the end of another week of home school. Can you believe that it’s May already? 
Have a great weekend.

 Mrs Griffiths 🀩

Thursday 30th April

It was so lovely to speak to some of you and your parents today. I really do miss you all very much but it sounds like you have been having a lot of fun. 

Wednesday 29th April 

Wow it’s amazing how time goes so fast at times and so slow at others. The weather has turned a bit cooler and the rain has started to fall, which is good for our gardens and outside. -

Today is all about counting and singing. I have put a link up to a YouTube video. Have a go at singing this songs and practising counting. 
Missing you all. I hope you all received the letters I posted. 
Keep smiling 


Potato Print

Still image for this video

Marvellous Monday 27th April 


Hope you had a lovely weekend. 
Today I have uploaded a video showing how to make a Hungry Caterpillar potato print. I’d love to see some photos of what you have been up to. 
ps see if you can stop the mistake I make at the end of the video!! 
Take care 

Mrs Griffiths 

Friday 24th April 

I hope you have all managed to watch or read the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar. 
I really love this story and there are lots of really lovely words, cocoon, butterfly, tummy ache! 
Can you retell the story using the pictures below? 

Can you retell the story using the pictures?

Can you retell the story using the pictures?  1
Can you retell the story using the pictures?  2
Can you retell the story using the pictures?  3


Still image for this video

Wednesday 22nd April 


Cycling to the postbox

Cycling to the postbox  1
Cycling to the postbox  2
Cycling to the postbox  3

Tuesday 21st April 

Hello again and what a glorious day it’s been. 
I have been busy writing letters today so look out in the post for something in a few days time. 
I had a helper posting the letters, my daughter Nancy who is 8. We cycled to the post box as well as the pet shop and the supermarket to buy some milk. 
inhoeo you have had a good day. Missing you all so much. 
Check  back in tomorrow as I’ll be reading a story and will post the video here. 
Take care 

Blossom out

Blossom out  1

Welcome to the Summer Term 2020

Monday 20th April 2020

What beautiful weather again and what a fantastic way to start the Summer Term. I hope you all had a great Easter and celebrated with your families at home. How many chocolate eggs did you all eat?

This half term were are exploring the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. Do you have the story at home? 
I will put a link to a lovely video story below. It’s set to music and a lovely way to listen to the story. 

This half term will need to continue to practise our name writing and recognising prints in the environment. Are the children able to recognise any advertising logos? 

We also need to continue to count objects and enjoy counting everything, jumps, claps, steps, cars, toys. 

Which words do you recognise?

Which words do you recognise?  1

John has been very busy this week. Well done. Mrs Griffiths is very proud!

John has been very busy this week. Well done. Mrs Griffiths is very proud!  1
John has been very busy this week. Well done. Mrs Griffiths is very proud!  2
John has been very busy this week. Well done. Mrs Griffiths is very proud!  3
John has been very busy this week. Well done. Mrs Griffiths is very proud!  4
John has been very busy this week. Well done. Mrs Griffiths is very proud!  5

Thursday 2nd April 


I thought that I’d send some photos of John and what he’s been up to over the week. I’d love to see some of your photos. 

Wednesday 1st April 


Today I phoned around to see if everyone was ok. Those that I spoke to were keeping well and safe. Daisy was planning on making a cake and John has been busy making dough and counting. Tommy has been keeping himself occupied and safe too so that’s all great news. I will try and call in as often as I can as I’m really missing you all. I hope the rest of you heard the voice mails that I left for you. 

At the Griffiths house today we left messages for the key workers and delivery drivers on the street using chalk. We have seen lots of people commenting on them and smiley which is always good. 

I’ll just leave a few links to my favourite account and activities here.

Take care 

Mrs Griffiths 


Sign of the day

Sign of the day  1
Picture 1
Picture 2

Tuesday 31st March 


Today I was at school looking after some of the key worker children. We had great fun making rainbows pictures and bunting to decorate the school entrance. If you are walking past please go and have a look at the lovely art work. 

We also had a go at the skittles experiment. You place skittles on a plate and add warm water. The results are really impressive. 

I shall be contacting you this week to check in and see how everyone is getting on. I’m excited to hear what you have been doing. Please let me know if there is anything that I can do to help and support you. 

Take care 

Mrs Griffiths 

Skittles experiment

Still image for this video

Each Peach Pear Plum

Still image for this video
Hope you enjoy this video.

Monday 30th March 


Hello everyone 

I hope you had a nice weekend. Here in the Griffiths’ household we went for two lovely walks and cooked roast dinner. 
I tried hard to complete a jigsaw too. I’m nearly finished. 

The sign for today is orange. Are you having an orange for snack? 


Im in school tomorrow so I will let you know what we get up to. 
Take care, stay stay at home and stay safe. Miss you all so much 

Mrs Griffiths 

Sign for today

Sign for today  1

Friday 27th March 

Hello everyone. We made it to Friday and the first week of homeschool life has been completed. I have missed seeing you and your smiley faces so much. 

Today the sign of the day is happy. I am happy that it is Friday. 

We have been busy today with school work and The Joe Wicks workout. 

Has anyone made any rainbows for their windows? We have made some using some water colours. It’s good way to feel connected and a good treasure hunt when you are out on your daily walk. I’ve posted the link below. 
Have a good weekend. 
Catch up on Monday 

Mrs Griffiths 

Picture 1

Thursday 26th March

Good afternoon ... 

Well it’s been another glorious day! Thank goodness for the sunshine. Today’s sign of the day is Happy, and this weather does make me so happy. 

I hope you are well and keeping busy. We have been making some clay pots and animals with some clay I bought from eBay. It has kept my 8 year old busy for a while this afternoon. 

Soon be time for a walk and tea.  

Sign word of the day

Sign word of the day  1

Making pots with clay

Making pots with clay  1

Wednesday 25th March 

Morning all. Hope your keeping well. Today's sign of the day is Chocolate, yummy chocolate, click on the link below to see the sign. Can you teach someone in your family the sign for chocolate?

We are about to do the Joe Wicks workout. Then some school work and then the lego challenge. Have  you seen the Lego challenge? I have put a link to the page below. Don't forget to keep practising writing your name and listening to some stories. What is your favourite story? 

Speak to you tomorrow. 

Mrs Griffiths 

Tuesday 24th March 

Today I did the Joe Wicks workout on YouTube. Has anyone else tried this? I got my kids to join it. It was really great fun.  Imagine how fit we will all be when all this is over. 

Workout Joe Wicks style

Still image for this video