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Puffins and Pelicans

Welcome to Puffins (YR) and Pelicans (Y1)- Where the learning journey begins...


Our class teachers are 

Mrs Griffiths (Puffins) and Miss Saunders (Pelicans)


We are supported by

Miss Ewens and Miss Ryder 



Into The Wild Topic Web Summer 1

06th May 2022. Below are Pelicans using presentational talk in Literacy to present their knowledge of Mary Anning, the famous Paleontologist . We have used our knowledge to write up a double page spread of facts that we have retrieved from secondary sources such as videos, non fiction books and google searches.


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Brilliant presentational talk from Puffins below!


Still image for this video

04th May 2022
In Literacy we have continued developing our knowledge of dinosaurs and fossils for our whole school Science focus. This week we are learning all about Mary Anning, the famous palaeontologist (someone who searched for fossils). We discovered these outside and then used presentational talk to discuss ‘Is it fair?’ that she was not allowed to publish her findings because she was a woman❓💭🦖
See our freeze frame photo, ‘Let’s say we are Mary Anning, how do you feel?Is it fair?’

29th April 2022.
We are Scientists. We are working towards our CREST award and this week we had a mini-beast hunt. We turned over a lot of logs and stones and found some amazing bugs. We recorded what we found by drawing pictures.

28th April 2022.
Here are some of the wonderful questions for our Dinosaur visitor, written by Pelicans Class.

27th April 2022
I accidentally left the interactive board on overnight and we had a visitor in Pelicans! 
We made lots of predictions and then were very excited whilst writing down some questions to leave out tonight in the classroom! We hope he reads them! However…we are still very confused…as we know that he is EXTINCT🦖🦴


Still image for this video

26th April 2022.
Puffins and Pelicans are learning all about Carnivores, Herbivores and Omnivores in Science. We used a staple remover to represent a carnivores sharp tooth, flat stones as herbivore teeth, and cotton wool for meat and found some big leaves outside. We also did some excellent writing to end our experiment.

25th April 2022
We have kick-started our whole school science focus in Literacy today! 
Pelicans were shown some items for a science experiment, and then had to discuss in small groups ‘what do we need to do?’ using the terms ‘First’ ‘Next’ ‘Then’ and ‘Finally’- we enjoy exploratory talk! We then completed our erupting volcano experiment! Tomorrow we will be writing up clear instructions for Mrs Griffiths and Puffins so that they can have as much fun as we did!🦕🌋🧪

08th April 2022
RE: Easter Garden and Egg hunt in the forest this morning for Puffins and Pelicans. Such a beautiful day outside ending our topic about Easter making this garden, hearing about the story of Easter and then hunting eggs.

08th April 2022.
Our Walk For Ukraine parade throughout Dines Green was a great success!

07th April 2022
Puffins and Pelicans have been considering their Refugee topic through animals. We have been using the 'Lets Say' Method. We managed to get the animals to safety despite them needing to get out fast!
Let’s say we are getting a Zoo. Let’s say we have designed it and are now working in the zoo. Let’s say that something is happening and we have to leave. NOW! Let’s say we are going to help!
Pelicans then completed some simile writing to describe how they would cheer if they were the people welcoming the animals and zoo keepers at the platform- “cheer as loud as a siren” “cheer as loud as a booming speaker”- great work on displacement! 

6th April 2022

It is always worth talking to parents and staff about their hobbies and interests. These are what Miss Ryder keeps in her bedroom, wow! A corn snake and leopard gecko are just a few of her pets that Puffins and Pelicans met today! We are looking forward to meeting her tarantulas! 

5th April 2022

This week Pelicans are focusing on Money in Maths. We have been comparing 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins and figuring out maths problems with our coins. We are moving onto 20p, 50p £1 and £2 problems later this week!
“The 5p is smaller but still worth more than the 2p which is larger”.

23rd March 2022

Yesterday we had a very interesting visitor enter Pelicans class. A fish appeared and we used our knowledge of questioning to find out more. Pelicans wrote down questions using 'question words' such as Who, What, When and Where, and made sure they had a ❓ at the end.
We hope that the fish will be back soon!🐟

17th March 2022
Pelicans and Puffins had a visit from a real life vet today. She showed us all about how to care for sick and injured animals. Lots of the Pelicans want to be vets when they grow up- we were all very inspired!

15th March 2022

Yesterday we had a lovely Maths lesson in the sunshine☀️
We used natural objects to discover ways of Partitioning 10. We then went inside to use this knowledge and wrote addition facts of 10. Great work Pelicans!

11th March 2022.

Pelicans have created this whole class map of the United Kingdom! Pelicans are very proud of this piece of work, and are enjoying telling others their knowledge of England, Scotland, Wales and Norther Ireland. We are also fantastic at naming the continents of the world.


09th March 2022.
Its Pepper Week! Puffins and Pelicans, have been making some yummy stuffed peppers to take home! #eatthemtodefeatthem 

08th March 2022
Last week Y1 Pelicans began learning our new story ‘What a Wonderful World’. We enjoyed listening to the famous song as well as reading the story and story map. This week we are innovating parts of the story. Have a look at some of our ‘wonderful’ ideas!

03rd March 2022. 
Y1 Pelicans class have had a wonderful first week in their new classroom! 
Roles and responsibilities are very important in Pelicans- we have everything from Board Technicians, to Snack Monitors, to Pelican Pals who do their best to cheer up their friends throughout the week! 

Celebrating Diwali 4th November 


We read stories, got to try some traditional clothes and tasted some delicious food to learn about how people celebrate Diwali. 

Pen Disco


Monday 1st November 

We started off the term by taking our pens to a pen disco. We listened to some music and practised drawing circles. Look how careful the reception children are being ….

Thursday 21st October 


We had a spooky nearly end to the term today. We all dressed in our best Halloween finery and took part in lots of fun activities.

We wrote some spells and did some spooky counting. We also made some potions and tried to turn Mrs Griffiths into a frog!! 
We printed using various items and make some gruesome cupcakes. 
It was great fun 🎃👻🎃👻

Halloween Fun

Tuesday 19th October 2021


As part of our local history this week we have been learning about Edward Elgar. We learnt that he was inspired by the Malvern Hills. Today we climbed the hills and saw the view that Elgar would have used to inspire him to create some of his most famous compositions.

Malvern Hills British Camp

Our outdoor learning in Puffins 

Every Friday we visits our forest school site. We enjoy the freedom to explore and learn at our own speed. Climbing trees, making dens, developing our listening skills, problem solving, turn taking, leaning about habitats and imaginative play and making meaningful relationships.

This half terms curriculum focus is History. We have learnt a lot about transport in the past.

Continuous provision in Puffins