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Reception - Wrens

Welcome to Reception where the learning journey begins...


Our class teacher is 

Mrs Ginger

We are supported by

Miss Ewens & Miss Skelly

PPA time is taught by

Mrs Choudhury




Return to school...

We are looking forward to seeing you all on Monday! Hopefully you will have received an email or text letting you know which 'bubble' your child will be in. If your child is not with me, I will ensure I see them daily and ensure that they are doing ok! Here are a few videos explaining the changes within the classrooms. It may be useful to sow your child before Monday. Please get in touch with me if you have any worries or concerns. 


Week 5- Home Learning
This week we will be Pirates!!!

Home Learning Summer Term- week 4

Reception- Home adventures!!

Tapestry Help

A few parents have asked for some help on using tapestry at home. Here are some tutorials to show you how to get started...

How to add an observation:

How to access documents:



Summer Term- Week 2


Home learning week 2- 27/04/20

Summer Term Home Learning 

Week 1 20/04/20


Welcome back Everyone! I hope you had a fantastic Easter break with lots of fun and Easter Eggs!

This week we will be beginning some work on a new story...

The Three Little Pigs

Watch the video below of the story of The Three Little Pigs


Have a look through your own story books at home. Do you have the story of The Three Little Pigs? 

We will also be learning all about 3D shapes. Watch these videos to find out about 3D shapes.

How to describe 3D shapes


Learn about different types of 3D shapes

For Information and activities try this page- 





Attention all Reception...

Please can you email me a photograph of your child with either a message for their friends or doing something they have enjoyed. I would like to combine all their photos and create a video so they can see each other again! 

My email is


Thank you all

Mrs Ginger x

UPDATE!!!! All Reception parents please check your emails for a link to your child's Tapestry account. Once you have joined you will be able to add photos and pictures and send messages to me. I really look forward to hearing from you all! If you have not received an email contact me on: 


Coming soon... Daily challenge videos!!!

Week 2! 

Hi Everyone, I hope you are all safe and well! So here are some ideas to keep you busy over the next week...

  • Practice writing these letter  d, t, b, l, h (Remember they must be nice and tall!)
  • Can you work out the answers to these addition sentences...
  • 5+3=
  • 6+4=
  • 7+5=
  • 2+7=
  • Can you make up some of your own?
  • Can you make a story map for the story of Little Red Riding Hood? (Remember to draw a picture for each part of the story)
  • Can you make up some words using these sounds? ay, ee, igh, er
  • Can you find out about Easter? Why do we celebrate Easter? What do we do at Easter? Can you create an Easter bonnet or make an Easter card?


Have fun completing these tasks. There are some other ideas to keep you busy below. Don't forget to log on to your tapestry account and show me what you have been up to. You will also find other resources to keep you busy. 

Keep checking for your daily challenge! 

Challenge 2!!

Minibeast hunt!

Still image for this video
Can you go on a minibeast hunt? Make a list of the minibeasts you find.

Challenge 1

Still image for this video
Can you write your name using as many colours as you can?
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