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Religious Education & Collective Worship


Religious Education


RE Subject Leadership

Religious Education is a curriculum entitlement for all children and Dines Green follows the ‘Worcestershire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education’. We provide opportunities for children to develop their knowledge and understanding of all six major faiths: Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Judaism and Buddhism.

Religious Education does not seek to urge religious beliefs on children or to compromise the integrity of their own beliefs by promoting one religion over another. We teach children to understand and respect different religions, beliefs, values and traditions and to recognise the similarities between religions and each other.

Collective Worship

There is a daily act of collective worship shared by children and teachers following a broadly Christian format. Stories are used to exemplify simple moral truths that will help children develop a sense of right and wrong and live with consideration and respect for others.

The lighting of a candle signals the start of this special time.  The children are taught a variety of modern and traditional hymns and prayers, including the Lord’s Prayer. They also listen to a selection of classical and modern music.

We are very grateful to a team of local Ministers who come into school each Monday to our assemblies with ‘Open the Book’ – a scheme that will see every story in the Bible covered over a three year period.

Collective worship contributes to the children’s religious, spiritual and moral development; it also touches on aspects of citizenship. It is therefore an important part of the development of the school ethos.


N.B. Parents may withdraw their child from assembly on the grounds of religious differences. Should this be necessary, please contact Mrs Longmire.