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Spring Term

Spring Term.


Focus: Looking back- World War 2.


Please see the attachments for details about what we will be learning throughout the term as part of this topic.

See below for some examples of our learning so far...

KQ- How did rationing affect people's health during the war?


This question has sparked our creativity and allowed us to delve deep into the diets of people living in WW2.


  • Children have examined how lack of importation affected available food.  By creating a typical WW2 dish, children got really into trying to understand what life was like during the war.


  • Children prepared, cooked and tasted a vegetable casserole.


  • Children discussed the main ingredients of key recipes and discussed  how this  would have affected people's health, by considering key food groups that are vital for a balanced diet.


  • Throughout, when preparing and cooking, children accurately followed instructions, while also noting down other key verbs and adverbs for success and safety (these will be used later to rewrite an accurate method). Some  children even thought about how parenthesis could be used to convey extra (but relevant) tips.


  • Accurate measuring of ingredients and conversion from g to kg were also other key steps to children's success.  


Propaganda Art


In this session, children read all about Propaganda art and used this to help them understand the meaning behind different pieces of Propaganda used in the war.


With this new understanding, children created or chose slogans they wanted to use when creating their own piece of Propaganda art. They then applied this to their poster to create a group piece, aimed at attracting a specific audience and sending them a clear message.


Here are some photos of Year 6 really getting into their artwork.

Our day with History Man.


A great, fun filled day where children learnt all about life during the war. Children were thoroughly engaged by all the different stations of learning.